Saturday, January 24, 2009

This song is Craptastic

This is Heidi Montag's "duet" with Britney Spears called Dramatic.

First, it should be called melodramatic, because Montag is the one that released it, and she is the most melodramatic ho-bag i have ever heard of.

Second, this song proves that Montag is worthless as a vocalist, and also proves that Brit Brit is a goddess in the studio (yes I did!).

I can't even imagine a meeting between Brit Brit and Horsey Heidi. Heidi would probably pop a breast implant, and Brit Brit would beg her to take her away from Daddy Spears so she can get some purple drank.

Everyone knows that Brit Brit loves purple drank. She never drink anything without it. Not even water! She has a special tap on her sink that mixes her water with enough purple drank to be chillin alll night.

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