Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kyra "I suck Kevin Bacon's bacon" Sedgwick loves to entertain U

She's smiling in this picture because... (do i even haev to say it?)

Kyra Sedgwick (sp?) of "The Closer" is up for a SAG award tonight.

(For some reason, I think of a swampy ass when I hear that word SAG.)

"I said to the writers, 'I really want a lot of personal stuff for Brenda,' " Sedgwick said. "I feel like there's some of those personal quiet moments with her alone, is something that I've been missing as an actor, and I feel like the audience has been missing, too.

I bet Shannon Doroughty will think the award belongs to her if Sedgwick wins.

"I play Brenda," she'll say as she 'powders her nose.' "Ahhhhhh!"

I just imagine Shannon screaming at everyone she passes. "I'm Brenda Bitches. I'M BRENDA!!!"

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