Monday, January 19, 2009

He is so important, that YOU don't have to go to school

Save the face that Martin Luther King Jr. was a rather handsome male, he was also fearless against the consequences of standing up for what he believed it. Call it cliche, but this is is a man who went to jail repeatedly and was ultimatley shot, and you know, it wasn't in vein.

You pick your battles. Like I, don't like Christina Aguilera. Never really have. Never will. I think she's a skank. But that doesn't mean, that if you love Christina, you should email me and tell me to stick a genie bottle up my arse. You should stalk me, and send me weird death threats where you involve Christina Aguilera.

You should tell all my friends what a homo i am for not liking Chirstina Aguilera. The point is, is it really that important you? If yes, imagine how important Dr. King felt his message was.

Awesomeness, yeah?

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