Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh Julia, you don't mean it.

Julia Roberts flipped her bitch the other day when a pap followed her into an Island's restaurant parking lot.

Fuck Julia, though. Islands is one of the most delicious restaurants in LA, and they make smoothies with liquor in them.

Julia needs to calm the fuck down, and stuff a fat Hawaiian Burger down her face.

It has teriyaki sauce, mayo, and a juicy pinepple.

Eating big burgers must be awesome for Julia. She probably as no trouble wrapping that mouth around a big juicy burger.

When the food comes, her husband, while cutting his burger in half, probably asks if he can taste Julia's burger. But you know that the entire thing slipped down her throat the second she laid her hand on it.

Then her husband would sigh, and then smile, thinking about how his wife gives the most epic blow jobs.

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travel_with_love said...

I like some of her movies. But in my opinion, they are different between life and movie.