Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Palin For Prez in 2012!? It really may be the end of the world.

Oh, HELL NO! This biatch needs to go away. She needs to not ever be on my television screen again. She should even step down from her position as Governor and move into a house for people with disabilities, cause this bitch's brain is one double fist sized disability.

Check out her PAC website and go throw up in the toilet after words.

Actually, throw up all over your screen, all over Stupid Sarah's stupid website.

This woman is a horrible person. She lacks a fudnamental intelligence that makes her 100% incapable of being a good leader. She's corrupt as all hell (troopergate, babygate, I'm-a-stupid-fucking-idiot-gate,etc. etc.)

I don't care what she looks like, I feel like she's my Jewish Grandmother telling me to find a nice Jewish girl.

Two different worlds. No possibility of agreeing.

Here's Keith Olbermann laying it out for you.

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Deka said...

the GOP will never allow her to be their face

they have a little dignity