Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama is America's Sweetheart

B-Rock Obama's first speech to Congress, which aired on network TV Tuesday night pulled in a 24.5 market household rating across the four major broadcast networks.

For all y'all who is like WTF? That's a lot.

That's about the same ratings American Idol gets.

Shit, this isn't a surprise to me. B-Rock is mah boo. He so sexy. He so eloquent. I mean, he is so eloqent (sorry boo).

But seriously, nice to have a president who we all love to watch for the right reasons.

And on that note, I was watching CSI Miami cause my roomate is freaking addicted to it. It was this creepy episode where this dude killed his therapist for "not being there for him."

I used to think about going into psychology, but then I realize I only give a shit about my own damn problems.

I know I have to stop with the LOLCatz, but I can't help it. It's like I need my fix. And there's one for every situation.

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Harmony said...

NEVER stop with the lol cats