Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rachel Bilson and Gayden Christenhomo are engaged?

This is such a dissapointment. I wanted Rachel to continue having nerd sex with Adam Brody forever and ever and ever.

They could have had little half nerd half pug (i believe Rachel's mother was a pug) babies. But no, she had to 'jump' into Gayden Christensen's panties and make whoopy with him.

This is like a B+ lister couple. It's like, neither of them have done anything wrong. And they're both deeeecent (although I know some girls and boys who would cream Jello Pudding out their pants for Hayden)its like, I have to force myself to care about this.

When I found out Nicole Ritchie was preggers I was like, OMGZ. And now that I find out these two celebitys (thats not a typo) are engaged, I'm like, well, I guess I COULD post it.

But I won't leave you without a kitty picture (i'm way into the LOL CATS lately.)

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