Sunday, January 25, 2009

Check out this Yacht Y'all

I never thought I would want to have sex with a boat, but now I do.

I want to get nakie on that boat, and rub my doodle all over the poop deck. I want to frolic on the boat and drip hot wax on its mast.

That' being said, this Yacht is just A-OK with me. I want one.

But fuck, I can't even afford Top Ramen Right now, and that shit is like a quarter a packet.

MMMMM. I love Top Ramen. It's delicious if you cook an egg with it.

But not tuna. DONT EVER PUT TUNA IN IT! I made that no no once, and I dearly paid for it in potty time.

Chicken is by far my favorite flavor.

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