Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is Jimmy Kimmel Permastoned?

In case you don't know about this condition, being permastoned usually affects 16- 24year olds who have smoked themselves retarded.

Now, Jimmy isn't soo retarded, but he's always squinting his eyes, and he always looks mega baked, like he's secretly thinking about a big cheeseburger with ranch dressing and onion rings on it.

I wonder if he keeps like candy bars in his desk on his show. So when he's talking to a guest, he's really thinking about a snickers stored neatly away, king size, and ready for him to wrap his DSL's (dick sucking lips) around and devour.

He probably even rubs chocolate on his peen and uses it for lotion. Fuck, he probably jizzes at the smell of chocolate. Maybe even when he's just thinking about it.

And maybe he's not squinting at all. He's just giving the "O" face because he's really always thinking about candy bars and what not.

I'm going to get Jimmy this basket for Christmas this year.

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