Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crackie Update: Winehouse Might Lose Millions in Divorce

Amy Winehouse wrote herself a crackie letter to her crackhead boyfriend, and now it might cost her millions in divorce court.

Blaaake's lawyers will argue that he was an instrumental part of her success.

Blaaake's mom says, “Amy’s been incredibly cruel with her comments. It was so unnecessary. This love letter completely contradicts what she’s been saying. It will be an important part of his divorce case.”

Some random legal expert said “The letter could prove pivotal as it proves how important Blake was to Amy’s career. By the time the case gets to court Amy could be worth as much as £12 million (approx US $16.5 million) and realistically Blake could end up with a quarter of that.”

Blaake is going to be having some pretty fun crack parties when he gets out of jail.

I hate to say it, but I don't feel bad for Amy. No one should, because as long as she has enough money to buy a dime sack of crack, she'll be just fine!

Here's a video of Wino at the grammys

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