Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mario Lopez is Hot but such a douche

Since I brought up Miss America before, I might as well say my piece on one of Hollywood's biggest D-bags.

What does this dude even do? I saw him in the previews for that ridiculous movie where he claims to have been in "Menudo" and it looked like shit. (i posted the video of him dancing like an idiot below.)

I feel like he's on Dancing with The Stars every single year or something. That's the kind of vibe i get from him. He's a perpetual D-Lister who happens to be a hot piece of lamb meat.

I guess he hosts shit like Miss America, but WTF? My fucking friend's blind dog Minnie could do that shit!

Personally, I could do without him. The only thing Marrrrio should be doing is gay porn. Besides that, maybe selling used cars. NOT NEW CARS! He's too cheesy.

What a gay.

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